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Excerpts from a two page letter…happy Fountain Valley clients

It is our pleasure to recommend, without reservation or hesitation, Susan Saurastri as your real estate agent, consultant, and negotiator: “A Realtor You Can Trust.”  In every transaction there can be setbacks, delays, and lots of things to do. Susan has a fabulous network of trusted service providers with quick response time to address all the little issues-plumbing, HVAC, electrical – that will come up in selling a 40-year-old house. She also has a great reputation and trusted relationships as a tough but fair representative for her clients among her peers in the Realtor community. This is a very important aspect of getting a deal over the finish line. At the same time, she has the highest degree of Integrity and Honesty. She knows her business in terms of making sure all the necessary details are executed in a timely manner, on both ends. She was available day, night and weekends to doggedly push our deal forward. She is proficient in the use of information and communication technology. If she takes you on as her client, she will be highly responsive, a knowledgeable and trusted advisor, a win-win negotiator, a tenacious business person, and may just become your good friend to boot. If you want to discuss our experience in more detail, please feel free to contact us by email at


Rick and Amy Beauregard

Posted on April 1, 2016 at 5:11 PM
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