Selling with Feng Shui

Selling? Attract more buyers with Feng Shui

Feng shui literally translates to “wind and water.” It basically means living in harmony with the environment. In the real estate industry it’s become a verb, so that many people feng shui their homes to create a feeling of harmony, relaxation and abundance. The concept of living in harmony with the environment has been honored in the East for thousands of years.

By rearranging your furniture or hanging wind chimes you can affect the universal force called ch’i the energy that attracts luck and prosperity.

Richard Webster is the author of “Feng Shui for Beginners,” a tool I use in my real estate practice. Certain buyers believe everything in the world belongs to one of five elements: fire, earth, wood, water or metal. You may attract a flow of buyer traffic to your home if you incorporate the five elements when selling.

These are issues that can impact buyer interest:

  • The direction of the house, some buyers will purchase a house based on their individual, auspicious direction.
  • Negative energy is created when the street ends directly in front of the house, otherwise known as a T street.
  • The interior staircase faces the front door. This allows the ch’i to escape.
  • The center of the house is the best location for the kitchen.
  • The bathroom should be private and not visible from the front door.
  • Dried flowers should be avoided, silk are acceptable but live are best.
  • Exposed beams create negative ch’i. Sleeping under an exposed beam is especially bad and can lead to headaches, dishonesty and bad luck. For these reasons it is also bad feng shui to place a desk or chair directly below an exposed beam.

Steps you can take to create good ch’i:

  • A large mirror in a dining room reflects the food on the table and is very beneficial, in effect, it doubles the amount of food available.
  • Place a large red potted plant at the front door along with a black doormat.
  • Books represent education and should be displayed along with healthy green or colorful blooming plants.
  • A water feature in the foyer such as a fountain or aquarium.
  • Only use pairs in the master bedroom, two candles, two vases, etc.
  • Exterior flower gardens symbolize progress, happiness and longevity; plant an array of color.
  • Open all blinds and curtains. Light attracts good ch’i.
  • If the house is in good condition, an abundance of good ch’I will be present.

Pricing your house with feng shui:

In the Asian culture and the practice of feng shui numbers are very important.   People throughout the United States often look for certain house numbers and avoid properties if the house numbers are considered unlucky. The number eight is auspicious in the Chinese community. If you remember the Beijing Olympics were held on 8/8/08. The number nine is auspicious in the Vietnamese community. Some real estate agents know that the listing price of a home made up of lucky numbers will most likely sell quicker. Proper pricing is the single most important detail when selling your home.

Other agents always ask me how I get so many potential buyers through my open houses. Feng shui pricing is just one of my now-exposed secrets.

Susan Saurastri is a Realtor with Star Real Estate. Contact her at or 714-317-0664

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 2:10 PM
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