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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is PJ. Stanley and I have recently sold my home in Fountain Valley,
California. Another life time ago I sold houses for First Team Real Estate in Huntington
Beach. I was responsible for doing the relocation in Southern California for American
Presidents Line. I worked for one of the finest Brokers/Managers Chuck Grant. I tell this
not to make this about me but to ensure to the reader of my letter that I am not a newbie
in the world of real estate. I sold houses for twenty years and my slogan was one of the
Top Teams at First Team. I sold the first million dollar house downtown Huntington
Beach when others were selling for the low $400,000’s.

No-w to the point of my letter, Susan Saurastri, one of the finest people that I have ever
known. I had first met Susan almost a year ago. She had listed several houses in my
neighborhood and they all sold within a matter of days. The open houses were busy,
annoyingly so, as I tried to pull out of my driveway, but unlike other realtors she had
“action” on her listings. When I spoke with her she always had a great sense of humor,
and a smile that lit up the room. I told her that when I sold my house she would be the
one to list it. She never called and bugged me. She never called me right before dinner or
my favorite television show. She waited for my call and never over-stepped her
boundaries. I was truly impressed. Another “team” heard I was moving and literally
called me every night and insinuated that they were ready to stick the sign in my front
yard. When I told Susan it was between her, this other “team” and one of my best friends
she said, “PJ., if you give me a chance at the table that is all I can ask.” Clearly, I was
Unpressed. Everyone else was telling me how great they were and then there was Susan, a
consummate professional and kind person. I told the other team to take a flyer and called
Susan and listed with her. I told my best friend that if she was really my best friend then
she would want what was best for me and not pressure me to use a part-time agent (her).

Susan never told me anything that she did not back up with fact. – She is kind, considerate,
probably one of the furmiest people I have met, and a complete professional. I am not
being dramatic when I tell you that my family and I love her. She has become part of our
family. She is honest; she is compassionate for all the people involved in the transaction,
and a perfectionist for every detail. Nothing slips by her ever. You think that maybe she
did not hear you and she takes your request to another level.

If you are lucky enough to have Susan in your house for a listing appointment, do not
goof up and not sign with her! I promise you she is the best. I would never write or say
anything that I did not believe to be true. She is one of a kind. Do not accept a poor
imitation. She is the one you want in your corner, on the details, and with you through
this stressful time.

I refused to buy my house with anyone else and she took time and came all the way down
to Carlsbad to help me buy my house. I will never buy or sell a house with anyone else.
She already knows that in ten years she has to come list my house, and then, go with me


to Palm Desert to buy the next place. There are too many things to tell you that I love
about her. Just accept that what she does is GENIUS! She knows how to market your
house better than anyone else. She will give you the true value of your house even if you
do not want to believe it. She spends a great deal of money on her listings with
professional pictures and brochures. None of this cheap off the computer flyers that most
agents use. Even her wonderful husband Pan, came to our house (he is also a GENIUS)
and looked up a program to fix our garage door opener. Bless him he was simply looking
at our carpet he had no idea he would spend an hour fixing our garage door.

This wonderful couple honored our family and our life with their friendship. Trust me
when I tell you that the biggest mistake you may ever make is not listening to me.
Seriously, do yourself a favor. List with Susan, she will take care of everything and you
can worry about all the other things in your life. She will have the real estate thing
covered. She is the best. Her marketing skills are second to none. That is all I can tell
you, other than I feel sorry for anyone who lists with another agent.


P.J. Stanley


Posted on January 21, 2014 at 4:50 PM
Susan Saurastri | Category: Testimonial Letters from Susan's Clients

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