Excited Seller & Buyer

Mr. William Arseneau, Manager
Star Real Estate

20951 Brookhurst Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Mr. Arseneau,

We are writing to you to express our appreciation for the
outstanding job Susan Saurastri· did in representing us on
our recent real estate transaction. It is not often that
we take the time to write a positive letter of this kind.
Usually, we would call or write a letter to express our
frustration with the service that we received. In an age
that seems as though customer service is all but extinct,
we are genuinely pleased to see the contrary for a change.

We have known Susan for many years as the “neighborhood”
realtor. Her presence in the beighborhood is more
pronounced than many of the people that reside there. She
does not hesitate to stop and say hello. She has an
uncanny ability to remember more people and their names
than we could ever imagine. These are just a few of her
characteristics that make her the ultimate realtor.

Susan recently represented us in both the sale of our
Fountain Valley home (FV) and the purchase of our new one
in Costa Mesa (CM). We had not been actively looking for a
house, but that all changed upon seeing an advertisement
for CM. We called Susan and she immediately set up an
appointment to see it. Once we decided to make an offer,
Susan did not hesitate to deliver our offer, as she
submitted it the same day.

It wasn’t an easy process, but Susan had the persistence to
make the deal a reality. We found that there was a
competing offer for CM. Cleverly, Susan J crafted a letter
to the seller, illustrating our family. She believed that
if the seller knew a little more about us, it would be

easier for the seller to accept our offer. Even though we
had a contingency, in that we had to sell FV in order to
purchase eM, the seller appreciated the letter and accepted
our offer. The fact that we were given 10 days to be In
escrow with FV seemed inconsequential at the time, as we
were just so elated by the result.

Upon acceptance of our offer, Susan had the listing for FV
in the MLS instantly. On the same day, we received a full
price offer from the first people that came to see it. The
house sold for $799,888, which was the highest price in the
neighborhood in the last 5 years.

Everything seemed to be happening precipitously, but not
from a lack of difficulty. We received the seller’s eM
title report and were surprised to find a federal tax lien,
as well as being behind on several mortgages. The seller
wanted to extend escrow an additional 45 days in attempt to
settle his debt. This made our FV buyers nervous as they
were contemplating backing out of the deal. Susan was able
to broker an agreement and still close escrow In the
original 30 days. She even got us a few extra appliances
from eM in the deal.

As we mentioned in the beginning, we don’t typically write
these types of letters. However, we thought we would
mention how satisfied we were with Susan. She handled
every obstacle as they came. Her attitude didn’t get too
low or too high. She never lost sight of the goal, which
was to make us happy. The professionalism that Susan
displayed during this transaction turned what could have
been an utmost disappointment into one of the happiest
moments of our lives.


John and Donna Mourani

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 4:46 PM
Susan Saurastri | Category: Testimonial Letters from Susan's Clients

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