Agent Referral

Brent Hoff, Housing Coordinator, and

Other Decision Makers in the marketing of the City’s residential property

City of Fountain Valley

10200 Slater Avenue

Fountain Valley, CA  92708

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing to submit my recommendation to you regarding the best agent to list the property for which you solicited marketing proposals last month.  I am hoping that my endorsement of Susan Saurastri of Star Real Estate will stand out as I am not a client of hers but rather a colleague, and in fact, even a competitor, as well as a very long time resident and taxpayer of Fountain Valley.

My family moved into Fountain Valley in 1971.  My mom, Martie Etheridge, has been selling FV/HB real estate from 1972 to the present.  My husband, son and I currently live in HB, but only after living in 2 homes in our beloved Fountain Valley.  (It’s really hard for me these days to support fundraising Edison Chargers when my blood bleeds FVHS red, blue and gold!!) My brother & sister-in-law are now raising their girls right there in the Meadows tract even now.  As residents, we have seen many a real estate agent come and go.  And as Realtors, we have sat across the bargaining table from many as well. 

When I was made aware of your RFP, it was just a few days before the deadline and we had a big family trip to a wedding out of state planned, so I opted not to apply for the job.  The timing was just not right for us this time.  However, as soon as I decided I would not pursue the business, my very next thought was that I hope Susan Saurastri is the agent you select, even though she is not even from our brokerage.  Susan is the type of agent that is an absolute joy to work with, is extremely hardworking, ethical and fair, and if ever we lose a listing to her in competition, the sting is just a little less knowing the client will get such excellent representation.  For years, decades actually, Susan has embodied Fountain Valley real estate. 

One thing the importance of which cannot be understated is how Susan participates enthusiastically in virtually every professional association and event, even writing her own real estate column for the Register, always contributing both positive and intelligent, provocative input to every discussion.  This is not only important in that other agents like and respect her, but it means we colleagues are always eager to preview her listings and look forward to being in transactions with her.  I am not alone in admitting I would go out of my way to show a client a listing of Susan’s in the off chance he might like it, knowing the transaction will be positive: smooth and equitable.  This can mean a faster sale and more competitive buying environment for Susan’s sellers, namely YOU! J

There are good and bad agents, busy and starving agents, but I can wholeheartedly say there is none who embodies both success AND professionalism like Susan Saurastri.  There are some agents who may do a lot of business, but at such a cost that their peers steer clear of them every chance they get.  Susan, on the other hand, attracts business, as well as supporting and promoting the community of Fountain Valley and the real estate profession as a whole.  In the harsh light currently directed at our industry, given many questionable practices that contributed to the current housing situation, Susan shines brightly under any degree of scrutiny.  I sincerely hope you will make her your choice.  I look forward to showing the property with her as listing agent.

Sincerely,  Maggie Etheridge-Ureño, Broker, ePRO, CLHMS, The Etheridge Team of Altera Real Estate

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 3:25 PM
Susan Saurastri | Category: Testimonial Letters from Susan's Clients

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