How to sell your Fountain Valley house in today's Competitive Real Estate Market

Today there are 132 houses on the market in Fountain Valley, 34 of them are condominiums. In the last month twelve single-family homes and 8 condos have closed escrow in Fountain Valley. They sold for between $350,000 and $820,000.

Why are some Fountain Valley houses selling and others aren’t?

Location, Condition and Price are still and always will be the 3 factors that govern the sale of a house. Why are some houses selling quickly and other houses lingering on the market? It takes strategy.

Timing is crucial. Youll only get one opportunity to impress a buyer. Once the buyer has toured your Fountain Valley home and is not impressed, they wont be back. Selling a house is a collaborative effort between the seller and their agent. Sellers make a mistake when they dont listen to and apply the advice of their realtor. Clutter will dwarf the size and minimize the attractiveness of the house. Clear off the kitchen and bathroom countertops except for one or two items. Move the excess or oversized furniture from each room. Buyers want to see space and envision their own furnishings in your house. A vacant house lacks emotion. If you are moving out prior to putting your house on the market, it pays to either leave some pieces that can be used to decorate it or hire someone to stage the house.

One week prior to putting a house on the MLS, I educate my clients on how I market their property and then I call Jerri Hebert. Jerri knows how to stage a house to sell. Shes a decorating dynamo who in one day can transform a house from nice and inviting to drop dead gorgeous. She puts the wow in the wow factor just by moving furniture and bringing in accessories. If the house calls for it, she also paints. When Jerri is finished preparing the house I bring in a professional photographer. He will photograph the house and each room to its best advantage. Those are the photos the perspective buyers will view online along with the virtual tour. 90% of buyers now choose their selection of homes via photos on the Internet, before calling their realtor for a personal tour. Some listings on the MLS have no photos or just one of the homes exterior. Buyers are more likely to skip seeing those homes all together. Ask your agent to provide you a copy of your MLS printout; the number of photos will be listed as media. I will happily refer Jerri to other agents and Orange County sellers.

If you told your agent that you want to market your Fountain Valley home by appointment only prepare to live in the house for a long time. The same is true if you don’t have a lock box available for agent showings. This competitive market calls for sellers to step back and give the buyers access when and how they want it. Agents have too many homes to show their buyer clients to adhere to a particular sellers schedule. Now is the time to distinguish your house from all the others on the market. The days of discount commissions are over, at least for the time being. Some sellers are offering exotic trips on top of full commissions and bonuses to the buyers agent in order to get their homes shown.

Remember the 6 Ps. Proper prior pricing prevents paltry paydays.

Buyers are writing low ball offers. Sellers are wise to counter offer rather than reject the offer outright. Sometimes it will take four or five counter offers before a deal is struck. Its worth the time and the energy if at the end of the process both the buyer and the seller walk away feeling they made a good deal.

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Posted on September 2, 2011 at 1:23 PM
Susan Saurastri | Category: Advice Column

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